Nex Carter: Char description

  • Race: Petcat
  • Name: Nex Carter
  • Eye colour: Red
  • Height: 1.80 m
  • Main Fur Colour: Black
    • The belly up to the chin as same as the right fore paw and the tip of the tail are white
    • Ruffed-up short fur on the head
    • A tribal paw as marking on the back of the shoulder
  • Body shape: slightly muscular
  • Important other stuff:
    • This collar (link) together with a 45. ACP round on it.
    • broken left corner tooth

Important reference sheet:

Art of my character:

This picture was made from Alistair. It was the first picture ever made and shows my character on a full body commission. It was meant as a general reference picture and i think it turned out very well 🙂

The next picture is a con badge done by Kajito. This one realy knocked me off as i first saw it. It shows Nex as a security person in suit and i realy love the style the picture got and i plan on commissioning  him for a picture, together with the big tiger on this pic.

The last one by Nagi-Wolf is a simple halloween icon. It simply should look „bad“ and it did.

So here is a gallery with ALL the art of my character. Just click through it and i hope you enjoy it 🙂

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