Jealousy in Relationships with others

So there is this problem i struggle with from time to time. Its the definition of love for me and others, and even more the feelings belonging to jealousy. Jealousy in terms of relationships is something i have big problems in understanding.

For me there is no „your person“ or „my person“.
For example (just imagine this. pure theory):
I was in Love to someone. I loved to spend time with this person as often as i could but very early got told that i was liked a lot but love would be something different and would be not part of our relationship. That is totally okay for me. As long as every person involved knows what is the truth its okay. I could still love that person and hang around and know i’m not loved and just „liked“.

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And here is another Has to be done Blogentry. The Art Update 😀 I’ll do it from first to last to keep you all updatet.

Picture 1 is a commision from Electrocat. It is made for the SnoozyFloof pile and cropped out for us. Us in this time is Junmap, Dainty and Me, you can find us at near bottom on the right side. I was REALY Happy how this came out and liked it a lot 😀



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