After 4 Years of wanting one and nearly 2 years of saving Money, 8 1/2 Weeks of waiting after ordering it finally arrived: My Own Waterbed!

1Day before my good friend @Klumpbatsch finished this awesome wall painting.

I stood up 0730  cleaned my room and brought the old bed into another roomt for guests.

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The installer came around 9 and started directly building up. Firstly we carried everything into the house. The installer directly started to put everything together. Starting with a base level on a metal construction some wooden planks were placed on it as ground for the mattresses. The Soft foam was layed down and the heating elements were put into place

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Now comes the fun part 😀 Filling it. The Installer screwed on 2 Hoses with a Y connector in our bathroom. The Watermattresses were filled and the topper was closed above them, nearly done the big new bedsheet was finally covering my new bed 😀

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What can i say? I’m sleeping on it since 11 Days and i feel great. The bed has always it’s own nice temperature and when i wake up i feel fully refreshed. I’m convinced that every penny i invested into this is totally worth it. I hope it will stay like this for many years to come 🙂

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