Sooo… there was nothing moving for a LOOOONG time and as i know me there will not be after this one again… But i think it’s time for another ART UPDATE Post to show the new pictures i got, give the artist who made them some more props and put them into my library like the other ones 🙂

The first picture i post here is from the wonderfull Alector Fencer. It was a sketch commission and in my case i made a „4 Word Sketch commission“ out of it and gave the points:

Stars in the night

You can see it turned out really awesome and together with Rig and Dragony it became a wonderfull piece of art 🙂

Didge tunes and dream time

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Next one is a Sketchcommission from Milligramsmile and it shows my Character in the typical M90 (Swedish Camo) uniform i like so much.

M90 Nex

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Now following a really nice pinup commi from Takesu. There is not much to say, it’s a pinup so it should look sexy and in my eyes this one here damn did 🙂 The lighting is great as is the shadowing! I love the detail in this 🙂

Oh the curtains

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This one is a simple badge i got from Lycangel for EF20

EF 20 (2014) Badge:

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directly followed by an artpiece the good Yuna ordered with my Character. Yuna and i were chatting about stuff and joking around then it was brought up what the name „Yuna“ really means, you can read that story here. Yuna means „hot water women“ and with that in mind the idea for this picture came up. You can see a bit of a Japanese bathhouse and me in a hot source surrounded by Yuna washing me. The art is by the same artist as before: Lycangel.

Hot Bath

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Next up is a header made by Paul Drayventhal. It was made as my twitter header and i want to use it here too but i have no clue how i could put this into the header that it works.


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Last but not least a wonderful image i got as a present from my mate Kairos. It is drawn by Jailbird and is just heartwarming. I love every single bit about it and i still get this warm fuzzy feeling when looking at it. It makes me happy all around.

It’s cold outside

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All in all, i think thats it for now 🙂 I hope you enjoy the new Art pieces as much as i do and hope there will be more next time i post here 🙂



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