After 4 Years of wanting one and nearly 2 years of saving Money, 8 1/2 Weeks of waiting after ordering it finally arrived: My Own Waterbed!

1Day before my good friend @Klumpbatsch finished this awesome wall painting.

I stood up 0730  cleaned my room and brought the old bed into another roomt for guests.

The installer came around 9 and started directly building up. Firstly we carried everything into the house. The installer directly started to put everything together. Starting with a base level on a metal construction some wooden planks were placed on it as ground for the mattresses. The Soft foam was layed down and the heating elements were put into place

Now comes the fun part 😀 Filling it. The Installer screwed on 2 Hoses with a Y connector in our bathroom. The Watermattresses were filled and the topper was closed above them, nearly done the big new bedsheet was finally covering my new bed 😀

What can i say? I’m sleeping on it since 11 Days and i feel great. The bed has always it’s own nice temperature and when i wake up i feel fully refreshed. I’m convinced that every penny i invested into this is totally worth it. I hope it will stay like this for many years to come 🙂

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And here is another Has to be done Blogentry. The Art Update 😀 I’ll do it from first to last to keep you all updatet.

Picture 1 is a commision from Electrocat. It is made for the SnoozyFloof pile and cropped out for us. Us in this time is Junmap, Dainty and Me, you can find us at near bottom on the right side. I was REALY Happy how this came out and liked it a lot 😀



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Eurofurence 18

The First days before the con:

As some of you may know, i started my travel to EF already on the 26th of August. I went to Junmaps home. Later that evening we went to a good friend of him to watch some football. Next day was AWESOME! I always had the wish to try playing the drums once and this weekend i finally could. It was SOOO much fun and i seem to have some kind of talent 😀 (yay i’m good at something). On Monday we bought some „stuff“ we needed for the con. Some food etc. Go early to bed to be ready for the next day.

Day 1: Early arrival day The stupid alarm rang at 5:30 to tell us we should stand up and get ready to go. So we did. We grabed some food. Everything runned smoothly so we could start our Trip as planned 0700. There were no traffic jams so we were perfectly in time in Magdeburg… and had to search nearly 20 minutes for our parking lot. But in the moment we reached the Hotel we were in time and it was 0905 as we wen’t into the lobby. Aannnddd there was a HUGE load of work. The stagecrew was low on menpower so we joined and started to build up the stage together with Dhary and 8h later we could do the job we came for xD bringing up the the lights in the middle of the hall for the big banner picture. Between all that i somewhere met Flam alias Draconigen in the main hall waiting to check in. After all that and a small break to get something to eat we had the Security Meeting where we were instructed how the next days would run. After all that we dropped dead into the bed around 2300 and called it a day.

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Die Erste Motorradtour meines Lebens

Gestern hat mich Nex dazu „genötigt“ als Sozius auf seinem neuen Bike mit zufahren.

Ich spiele ja auch schon seit einiger Zeit mit dem Gedanken den Motorradführerschein zu machen.
Also war der Kater gestern der Meinung das ich dann ja auch erst einmal sehen muss ob mir das überhaupt spass macht. Da wir eh noch zum Supermarkt wollten, sollte das dann natürlich mit dem Bike erledigt werden. Ich musste zwar erst noch überredet werden – danke übrigens dafür, Nex – aber dann gab ich doch das okay. Schnell von Phil, Nex Bruder, die Motorradkombi geliehen und ab dafür. Nex hat zwar am anfang noch langsam gemacht, trotzdem waren die ersten Kurven noch ein wenig beängstigend. Das Prinzip mit dem in die Kurve legen ist für mich noch ein wenig abstrakt. Nach den ersten paar Kurven hat sich das aber gelegt und ich hatte richtig Spaß. Leider waren wir dann viel zu schnell beim Supermarkt. Kurz was zu trinken und zu knabbern eingekauft und wieder auf die Maschine. Die Fahrt zurück war sogar noch geiler. Nex hat dann auch ein, zwei mal ein wenig aufgedreht. Das war geil 😉
So alles in allem war das erste mal sehr lustig, nur ein wenig kühl, aber das ist ja der Jahreszeit geschuldet. Mal sehen wann ich mit dem Führerschein dann mal anfange. 🙂

Dieser Gastbeitrag wurde euch präsentiert von Junmap

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ART UPDATE #1 (English)

Soooo this is the long promised art Update. Since my charsheet came up here, i got some more cool art and i want to present this to you now 😀

So lets start with the oldest picture. I got this one from Trygon/Vinaru together with a christmas card from Draconigen. It’s sooo awesome and i’m very thankful for this. Thank you Trygon for this awesome sketch and thank you both for the christmas card.

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