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sooo this will be a „roundhousekick“ for the past 4… Months ? There was so much happening that my lazy blogging self wasn’t fast enough to catch up with all that stuff.

Sooo… what happend in all that time? After the concert of Fiddlers Green there were 4 other „events“ i have to write about in this text.


First our Airsoft Team event:

Kart driving in Laatzen. This year we decided to do a christmas party with our Teammembers. The choice felt that we wanted to go Kart driving first and later go into an irish pub in Hannover to have food and drink a bit 🙂 The race was a hell lot of fun 😀 I won but it was realy hard against Magi. After that we went into an irish pub aaannnd eat all night xD honestly. Food was great (i had some spicy curry) but the greatest was the garlic bread. Price was about 2€ and damn… it tasted sooo great.  Hope i will get there again 🙂


Second: The Furry Connection Silvester-Con:

This was… so much awesomeness 😀 It was a week full off great stuff and good friends 🙂 The first day was arriving…. the second one to <.< Idiot me forgot to pack in my bag with my clothes so i had to drive back (together with Magi and Forever) to get them. There were a lot of activities we did in this week. We went into a climbing hall one day went swimming on a nother one and were in the cinema to watch Mission impossible: Phantom Protocol and obviously the Silvester evening itself. It was a whole week of fun until the 2. January was reached and we all had to go home.

The Week after,

was very quite. Junmap visited me and we just hang around and watched movies. On the last weekend of my holidays we both went to Kepakus home to go to the Tavernen Stammtisch in Oberhausen. We first met 2 other furries and went to a sushi all you can eat and later went to Keps home and had watched some movies. Sooo that it at all. It was a great weekend and i met sooo many cool people. I hope i can be there again but ATM my money says noo <.<


And last but not least: RAMMSTEIN LIVE IN HANNOVER:

Ok ok… Grey said i should keep it short and stop talking blabla…. TOTALLY FUCKING AWESOME. I mean honestly. I got the ticket as a Christmas gift and i don’t know how i ever can give this back. I think i will never ever forget this experience. The pyro-effects the lightshow, it was so awesome. I can’t say THANK YOU often enough for this and all i can say is: IF you have the chance to see Rammstein in a live show, GO AND SEE IT!


sooo i think i made it… finally. All this stuff happend in the past months and i hope i can catch up with it soon.

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