Epic Weekend @ Kepakus home

So this blog entry will be completly in english. Just because i want to  🙂


This weekend i went to Kepakus home. It was a short weekend trip but it definitly was a blast. 1 or 2 Weeks ago Kepaku asked me if i had time to come over to his place. He is a sympathic person so i said, i’ll try my best to do so.

So Last Friday i packed some stuff into my backpack and drove to his home in Dortmund. Arriving around 19 o’clock he oppend the door to me i threw my things into his flat and we went to buy some food for the weekend. It was like a little piece of home going into the REAL supermarket (which looks the same here „oh wonder“). Back at his flat I realy „arrived“. I went into the living room and… whaow. I don’t no why but in some Strange way i felt at home. NO! Not a total mess like here in my room xD It was just looking realy comfy.

So we eat some kind of fish sticks in small, with sauce (tasted great) and watched Green Lantern in 3D. After that i felt asleep on the couch until Kepaku woke me up and send me to bed. End hell yeah! That was a bed made for kings oO i think i can never ever sleep again in my own bed without thinking of this one (I need one for my own… NOW!!! ). I think it was around 11 o’clock when we went out of bed and got ready for the Day. Our first target was the home of Raitsh and Daloon where we met Jathiro. We talked a lot and watched Daloon playing FIFA. After that we watched Stromberg Season 1 and eat some KFC food. It was ok… for food. It was already 11PM when we all packed our things and drove to Stripe the Fox near Oberhausen and what can i say. The evening/night even got better. We played Lips on Xbox (somthing i usually avoid to do but DAMN it was fun and we all sang so no one was silent which made it easier for me to  bite the bullet) and around 2 AM or so we started playing Munchkin until 4. Back at Kepakus home i was falling asleep instantly. Sunday was realy short because of late getting up. Kepaku had some work todo so i left him around 17 o’clock.

Over all it was an awesome weekend so if the furries of Dortmund want me to come over again i will defenetly follow their invitation.

Thank you all for the great weekend.


Edit: I wrote this in english to refresh my knowledge and maybe learn some new vocabulary. I will do this from time to time to to keep it „working“ and not getting rusty xD And… in some way its fun.

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