My Fursona

So, I  think its Time to talk a bit about my alter ego,

My Fursona Nex

which is obviously „me“

The creation was a long process. It’s strange but at first the „design“ was clear but i didn’t know which type of animal i should choose. I liked the look of a black wolf but i could find anything related between myself and the things i connect to a wolf. A wolf for me is a strong leader, restless and is capable to protect a group. All things i thought didn’t fit on me. Then the Idea of a cat came to me. Nothing special, a normal pet cat.  Lazy, love sleeping all day long and they love snuggling 🙂 So that was the initial moment when i said: Sleeping all day ? lazy ? Sometimes noisy ? DAMN thats it xD Thats how i found my animal. Then it was time to develop the „markings“ the things that would make the character special and individual. So i put things in the Char that are similiar to myself.

This Collar: (Link to the Collar)  together with a 45. ACP cartridge i got from my uncle. I usually wear it on furry meetings. Then the broken left corner tooth. It’s not a direct similarity to me but my left  incisor is broken at one corner (another story) so all that went into my Fursona.

So, after all a short description of what came out:

  • Race: Petcat
  • Name: Nex Carter
  • Eye colour: Red
  • Height: 1.80 m
  • Main Fur Colour: Black
    • The belly up to the chin as same as the right fore paw and the tip of the tail are white
    • Ruffed-up short fur on the head
    • A tribal paw as marking on the back of the shoulder (i still don’t know how this should look like)
  • Body shape: slightly muscular
  • Important other stuff:
    • This collar (link) together with a 45. ACP round on it.
    • broken left corner tooth
Now finally art of my character:
This picture was made from Alistair. It was the first picture ever made and shows my character on a full body commission. It was meant as a general reference picture and i think it turned out very well 🙂
The next picture is a con badge done by Kajito. This one realy knocked me off as i first saw it. It shows Nex as a security person in suit and i realy love the style the picture got and i plan on commissioning  him for a picture, together with the big tiger on this pic.
The last one by Nagi-Wolf is a simple halloween icon. It simply should look „bad“ and it did.
So that’s it for now. Maybe some things of the description will change some day, but for now I’m really happy with it 🙂 I will add this entry as a page to my site. You will find it under Nex Carter: Character description . If there is new art available  i will simply add it to the entry and add a short text.
So far,

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    1. in some ways it even makes it harder because of the lack of my vocabulary. btw the Next Entry will be about the WBK in Kassel and the Concert of Fiddlers Green last weekend in Hannover.

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